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I just happened upon this place while trying to research what we knew as "The Maze"- that huge, weird place that's properly known as the former Myles Standish Camp.

Quite some time back- 1975 to be exact- a buddy of mine told us about it, and we headed out to try to find it.  We successfully made our way into what we each agreed was by far the weirdest place we'd ever see, especially at night!   We got to spend about 2 hours driving around in awe, pretty much lost but having a hell of a good adventure!  I remember at one point we were directly behind the Paul A. Dever school, heading over a bridge that barely kept us from careening down a deep chasm that was too dark to really see well...  soon later the blue lights came charging up to us, and we were escorted to the exit, as they were chasing out a bunch of party- goers in the area.

I've never forgotten that night, and probably never will; lately my curiosity has really got me interested in the place again,  so I'm searching for maps or other info about tha area.  Thanks for the info provided here, you've helped a lot!

- Cappy, formerly from E.Bridgewater

military nut:
hey cappy, the industrial park has taken over id say 80 percent of the camp now, back in 75 it must have been wild because the park hadnt gotten built yet. i partyed there in the early 80s but never took pictures. now im in the process of trying to recreate using pics of then and what it is now. check out the old tyme taunton web site. there are some old pics and a map of the place. the map is small and ive blown it up for my research purposes. it was a m,assive place. not much remains but enough to pique the intrest of exploring it. the state school closed in 2000 and now is abandoned and a great place to explore



Thanks for the update Nut,

I had found the Old Tyme Taunton site as well; it sure explained a lot of bad memories! <G>    Back then there were myriad dead-ends that just really defied logic, unless one could conjur up a vivid imaginary "town", which had obviously been quite huge.  That old map of the camp sure put it all into perspective!  Most of the roads were navigable but nearly overgrown, more just paths leading everywhere, with the occasional chiminey rising out of the terrain, serving as the only remaining evidence of what once was.   The entire place gave us the feeling we were witnessing an abandoned concentration camp.

It's hard to imagine that same place is now the industrial park!  I've been there a few times, and even helped build an addition to a house just around the corner of the north end;  I guess bulldozers have a way of changing things big time eh? Heh

From what I read, the old school is abandoned but "has 24 hour security, and can't be entered without permisson from the owner"-  it makes me wonder who owns it- I though the state did- and of course- how one gets permisson to go there, which common sense would rule out, given the liability issues of allowing someone to enter a place in such obvious disrepair.  Of course that info was posted some time ago, on websites similar to the Camp Myles Standish one I had found.

To be honest I'll probably never return there, but it would be cool to see that place in the light of day, it must be awesome.    BTW, perhaps you might be so kind as to educate my pathetic knowledge of that side of Route 24; I spent nearly all of my time between E.B and the Cape, eventually learning just about every square inch of road in between, while totally oblivious to what laid west.   Was the Taunton Asylum and the Paul A. Dever School one in the same, or were they two different institutions?   I guess I spent far too many days hunting on my neighboring farm to even know either one existed back then!  :huh:  

does anyone know where i could find a good map of the state school as well as the old military camp? (preferably one that lables all of the structures that still stand)

military nut:
cobalt, there is a map on the old tyme taunton web site. of the camp. as far as paul dever goes. the admin of this site have one but i dont know if they will release it. skully mentioned it in another post. as far as the camp goes, ive explored about half the industrial park. there are many relics in the woods around the park. i have found old camp roads, the pow camp has some old fencing and even an old guard tower. the water treatment faculity is destroyed but parts of it remain. their are a few buildings that remain but those are part of the old state school its self. the map i refered to is a small one and i had to tweak it and blow it up to actually find some of the thinks i have been looking for for my project. as for the state school security, they have 24 hour security that has to parol the 93 acres of the school and the camp. it would be hard to get caught considering they only have 2 patrol vehicles. to be honest ive seen many people in there and as long as you stay out of the buildings they leave you alone just say your taking wildlife pics. the site is pretty undisturbed but more and more adventureers are checking the place out.



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