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« on: May 02, 2006, 10:48:35 PM »
Good evening to all my fans out there yours truley was held up for a bit but here I am. Well Good Bye to The Jamestown Bridge BOOM!!!!  Nice article about 'Getting Your Balls Back' that was cool eveyone dodging security!!!  New England Metal fest was this past weekend, did not go. It's just to many bands w/ the ones you really want to see getting on at midnight!! Slayer is coming but it's the Thsongus Area. Sounds Of The Underground seems like a good show. It's in the Tweeter center parkimng lot on July 14th 40 bucks and you see KillSwitch Engage, In Flames, Cannibal Corpes and my favorite Bemehoth!!!!!  Plus a bunch more that kick ASS!!!     ALRIGHT TIME TO REFILL MY GLASS..  RAISE THE HORNS AND BLAST THE METAL!!!!!!!!!!