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« on: March 31, 2005, 10:09:38 PM »
Well I think the Winter is over now it;s time for some April showers heck I'll take it.  I won't respond to any thing on the last posting it seem there is bad vibes. I'll just call it WINTER BLUES!!! In any event I see we have a new member Mike digi 5 welcome to the wild world of Bunkers and Slade Rants!!!!  1st, Kreator and Vader this tues at Palladium in Worchester. Danzig wil be headlining Sat April 22 w/Dolye at the New England Metal Fest.  Hate Enternal  in June plus Manowar with Rhapsody (1st US tour) on June 18th same venue!  We got Red Sox and Yankees next week here we go!!! :D  :D  Good day there Upper Management!!    (hey the website is up  :blink:  :blink: )  Aw Man throwing mud already!! :rolleyes:  Alright 1st round is on the Slade Man!!!! :)