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New User Contibution
« on: April 19, 2016, 05:36:36 PM »
Hey I'm a new user here and just registered today. I somehow found this site by mentions of an Iron Trap mine in Cumberland, Elder Ballou cemetery and some other things I was searching for after mentions on So before signing up for this site I wanted to see any mentions of Fort Getty and found a nice section to read with photos. I'll make a post there another time. I don't do much exploring or get out much anymore but for my arm chair travels I like to use a site for aerial maps at:

It's got aerial photos of Rhode Island from back to 1939 although the ones from 1985 or so really suck (I don't know what kind of photography they were doing) the others are really useful to see what once was there. In reading about Fort Getty I saw mention of Dutch Island and looked for that on provplan and was amazed to see the buildings that were once there. It's too bad area like this and Fort Getty and others are destroyed instead of finding uses for them.

Keeping this short I hope others will find provplan useful and or informative in your travels.

Peace Out

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Re: New User Contibution
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