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Foxborough State Hospital
« on: December 28, 2014, 09:31:14 PM »
I went here for the first time this past weekend. There are only two buildings still standing, the theater and the laundry building.

The laundry building was incredibly easy to get into as it is missing a huge window along the backside. However, if your going to jump into the building watch out for all the shit, literally. It seems someone throws their doggy bags in as they walk by. Overall the laundry building is really a big mess, lots of old and rotten furniture and clothing. There were a few cool things, such as a couple of old cash registers and some older TVs and fridges. The equipment in the laundry room was also interesting to look at. Laying around in the mess were some older paintings, sadly all destroyed by water damage and mold. Unfortunately this building has really taken a beating over the years and isn't much to look at now.

The theater building was a little harder to get into, but was much more worth the visit. First off, its right next to the Public Safety Building. I saw quite a few cops just hanging outside of the building. Secondly, the theater is boarded up much more tight. Luckily I found a basement window that someone had opened and was able to jump in from there. This building is in much better shape then many of the other buildings I've been inside of. Its really clean considering it hasn't been used in a good deal of time. During the 90's a haunted mansion was run out of the theater and there's still plenty of props laying around on the inside. As with the laundry building, there are lots of old TVs and furniture, but they are in much better condition. The auditorium was probably the most interesting part of the building and takes up most of the ground floor. The upstairs consists of the balcony and what looks to have just been a few storage rooms. The basement, from what I saw, was relatively empty. Also, just a little side note, this building has every window, upstairs and downstairs, boarded up. There is very little light inside the building. It would be wise to bring a couple of heavy duty flashlights or you won't be able to see too much.

The first few pictures are all of the laundry room. The exterior view is of the backside of the building where I got in. Then there are a few of the theater. Lastly, just a couple of the actual hospital that has all been converted into condos and offices.
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Re: Foxborough State Hospital
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2015, 05:05:16 PM »
Nice shots. You just missed out on some badass buildings out back that were torn down this past summer