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Title: big arse barn in Lecister..
Post by: StealthUnited on August 05, 2009, 01:07:47 AM
 :ph34r: I found some big arse barns in Leicester MA while helping some step-folks move today.. The house on the property has to be at least early 20th century, both barns are on the brink of collapse but looks safe enough to peer in for a few quick photos, and there are also a few shakky old sheds on the property too.

 I want to take pics of it of it all its so cool, but sadly for once in my life I think "asking for permission" to wander this property would be best seeing (in my personal opinion) that anyone within a 2sq. mile radius of Leicester airport area is either A. batshit crazy, B. a cop caller or C. paranoid (seeing lots of crime watch signs in the area) So this time I have to play it safe-for-shit-sure because right about now Leicester police have a worse reputation than the Holden police ever had (haha Holden!)

anywhooo.. I'll keep you all posted for when I get picks.. I just gotta get one nice day to do this. Here is a lovely satellite image of the entire property on g-maps.,+Worcester,+Massachusetts&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=31.509065,79.013672&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FZqAhAIdeqS2-w&split=0&t=h&ll=42.260561,-71.91549&spn=0.001795,0.004823&z=18

 its on the left of
Title: Re: big arse barn in Lecister..
Post by: Megster on August 05, 2009, 08:22:39 PM
It looks like if you park far enough away, you could do it. Barns usually have cool stuff in them.
Title: Re: big arse barn in Lecister..
Post by: StealthUnited on August 05, 2009, 11:41:05 PM
I really don't want to do this without permission though.. Leicester cops aren't very nice people especially to younger adults like myself.. The same goes for the people in that area of Leicester too (If they happen to not like you.) Its cause of all the vandalism and stupid kid shit that kids done to either Spider Gates cemetery or the surrounding neighborhoods and area. :^/

 If it was in a different town, then hell I'd so go in there.. I know I did say that I never ask for permission to enter places, but in my opinion anything in Leicester worth exploring is worth getting permission to do so first, as it would certainly beat having the Leicester cops fine you or bring you in for some jail time overnight with a big guy named Bubuh. Can you tell I fear the Leicester cops?
Title: Re: big arse barn in Lecister..
Post by: Megster on August 06, 2009, 09:03:33 AM
Yep, that sucks.  Some RI cops are dicks too.  Most of the places I've been exploring only have a resident trooper or rent-a-statie. lol  I've had a couple run-ins but not in Mass and was able to explain it away by being "photography students"  (of course, this works better if you have a professional looking camera).  It all depends what you're comfortable with!

I found another usable excuse too--say you're thinking of buying the land/houses.  I've actually been checking out houses that way, but also because I want a house. lol  If this lot is for sale, you can find out online, and that will make it easier to track down permissions as well. 

And other excuses, "we lost our dog and are looking for it"  "used to spend summers here as a kid"

I think the older you get, the easier it is.  But I think I'm getting past the "photography students" excuse, for some reason I don't even get carded anymore except at like Olive Garden or Chilis. lol  I could just say now that I'm an artist. I even have business cards!