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Title: Morton Thyocal
Post by: MikeDijital on March 26, 2005, 09:25:29 PM
There is a place in Danvers on Route 114 near Ira Toyota. Its called Morton Thyocal ( SP*)  Avalon bay has bough most of the property and has begun development on the portions without buildings, I know they manufactured rocket fuel for NASA and the airforce.

Has anyone got any ifo on that place?
Title: Re: Morton Thiokol
Post by: Prometheus on May 16, 2006, 05:46:08 PM
Morton Thiokol - I did a search and found some info that gave me the address of 152 Andover St in Danvers, MA... does this look like the place? I did an overhead satalite search through google maps...,+Danvers,+MA&ll=42.557648,-70.968633&spn=0.006828,0.021458&t=k&om=1 (,+Danvers,+MA&ll=42.557648,-70.968633&spn=0.006828,0.021458&t=k&om=1)
Let me know if that looks like the place, I'd love to check it out, it seems like its in a heavily populated commercial area, so it maybe a weekend job.
Title: Re: Morton Thyocal
Post by: CarbonCavi on June 02, 2006, 09:17:43 PM
If I owned a tank I would drive it right thru the corporate office of Avalon Bay, im sick of them buying and destroying everything.
Title: Re: Morton Thyocal
Post by: Prometheus on November 22, 2006, 12:42:02 PM
There are people doing shit to them...
I've heard most of their bulldozers smell like urine and they lose a LOT of equipment.
Title: Re: Morton Thyocal
Post by: CarbonCavi on November 22, 2006, 04:35:05 PM
fuckers beat me to it...
Title: Re: Morton Thyocal
Post by: Megster on March 20, 2009, 08:03:00 PM
I don't think this place is abandoned anymore. :(  I've seen awesome pics of the place but I think it's either been demo'd or renovated.
Title: Re: Morton Thyocal
Post by: CarbonCavi on April 27, 2009, 08:39:42 AM
anyone have old pics of the place?
Title: Re: Morton Thyocal
Post by: CHATOQUAH on May 12, 2011, 08:40:07 AM
5/12/2011 <>

  I worked at the MORTON THIOKOL -VENTRON DIVISION off rte114 in danvers. There were two sections to the plant ..three almost.

"THE HILL" where the water tower was..STILL???? was a chemical manufacturing facility for SODIUM BOROHYDRIDE..
The plant was built in the late 50's from a Navy contract for A high altitude aircraft propulsion system.

Sodium Borohydride is also used in manufacturing process's as a bleaching agent  ( paper) and as a microbiological retardant against organic decay...Hence beer in clear bottles... MILLER

there was rail access to the site and it looks like the car shed is still there...SODIUM was of loaded from tanker cars by menans of a "heating Jacket"  that would re-liquify the sodium from the solid it was transported as to a molten hot liquid it was pumped in and out by

The SODIUM would be so hot it was almost a vapor more so than a liquid...nasty nasty stuff..there was a coupling failure once and some guys got burned pretty bad..melted the clothes right off them
it was tricky stuff to work with as a finished product As a powder in airtight drums or as a liquid in 55 Gal drums

you could tell the new guys from the experienced hands as we more so than not would have a chem burn on the bridge of our noses from not taking off gloves before pushing up glasses

you learned real quick not to touch any part of your self when gloved or suited...real quick

the other part of the plant on the lower end was a research and development lab and a quality lab

very tricky place to work all the supply lines were pressurized and had steam heatinmg jackets on them..

essentially the "HILL " was a no go for any one but employees...the local fire departments were only to assist on site when requested and our guys were trained for chem fires..

essentially if things got bad we were told to hit the alarm panel and run like hell to 114 as fast as possible...many memories from "THE HILL"

p. s ..our work jumpers boots and clothing were subject to contamination we had our own laundry room and did all our work clothes on site...we weren't allowed to even put them in our cars....